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admin Nov 15 '23

Hey FaceForum Fam!

Get ready for the ultimate showdown as we gear up for TheFaceForum Pat Ball Tournament!

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admin Nov 15 '23

**Event Details:**

- **Date:** [To Be Confirmed]

- **Venue:** [Stay tuned for updates]

- **Who:** All TheFaceForum members are welcome with first priority

But that's not all! We're currently accepting submissions for players to take part in the pilot tournament. If you've got the skills and the passion for Pat Ball, this is your chance to shine! Send in your submissions to Let's make this tournament unforgettable together!

**TheFaceForum Pat Ball Tournament Highlights:**

- **Format:** Face off against fellow members until we have our top two finalists.

- **Battle Royale Style:** Brace yourselves for a turn-based, Battle Royale-inspired competition!

- **Cash Prizes:** The stakes are high, with cash prizes awaiting the winners of each tournament.

**Why Sponsor TheFaceForum Pat Ball Tournament?**

- **Visibility:** Gain exposure to our vibrant community of members.

- **Community Engagement:** Show your support for an active and inclusive community.

- **Brand Recognition:** Associate your brand with a fun and competitive event.

**How You Can Contribute:**

- **Cash Sponsorship:** Help us boost the prize pool and make the event even more exciting.

- **In-Kind Contributions:** Provide products or services that can enhance the overall experience.

- **Promotional Support:** Spread the word and help make this tournament a massive success.

**Contact Information:**

For player submissions, filming solutions, or song submissions, hit us up at Let's make this tournament an experience to remember!

**Additional Information:**

We are currently taking submissions for players for the pilot! We are also looking for effective filming solutions. These roles will take personal dedication, and we already have R-Colour covering some of the filming needs. The footage will be published on YouTube and cut into short-form content. We are also accepting song submissions, so send in any tracks you would like featured!

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor or have any questions, please reach out to us at or simply reply to this post. Let's come together and make TheFaceForum Pat Ball Tournament an epic celebration of our fantastic community!

Stay pumped, stay tuned, and let the games begin!

Best, The Face Forum Admin,


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